Programmed updates

I programmed an update each Saturday of September. Sept. 29 will be the last prologue page. I also managed to add the comic updates to the RSS feed, but I’m not sure the title will be handled correctly. Currently it shows only the page number, and that’s not really nice IMHO, I tried to write a function to add some text but I’m not sure it works (it surely doesn’t with the one I’ve already posted). I’ll see if it works when the new page will be posted on Saturday, I guess… :/ doesn’t work 😐 I’ll try looking into it… *sigh*


I set up most important things. I also uploaded the first page and it seems to work all right~ (ノ◕ワ ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I still have to rewrite the other pages like cast and infos but I’ll do that gradually as the story progresses. I also have to remake the link page, but I have to go through my old links to see if they’re still active and all.