Credits & thanks

Used resources

Gimp Brushes

Brushes used for decorations/effects in some pages or illustrations:

Maple-Leaf Brush – port from PS

Iceytina’s Vectors part VII

Xelar-art’s 101 paintbrushes

surfing-ant’s Floral Brushes

seleneheart’s Filigree brushes ( Original Photoshop version)

IntergalacticHussy’s Star Designs

Arcane Circles brushes by the redheadstock (Original Photoshop version)

Arcane Runes brushes by the redheadstock (Original Photoshop version)

nekomukuro’s Star Brushes (I made these lol)

Photoshop brushes

(PS brushes are compatible with Gimp)

Obsidian Dawn – Photoshop brushes with image packs.


This comic is entirely made with free and open source software on Linux (Arch Linux).

Thanks to…

All of you, because you really have a lot of patience to keep up with me… XD

Mimi-Hiwatari@dA for making the little pixel icons of Kai and Eri as commission

Kamiechev for giving me this Award