So, I found that there’s still a problem with the comic navigation links, and the “First” link points to the first page of the chapter instead of the first page of the comic. This is due to the “group by category” option in manga+press, which I can’t disable because it would mess up the language of the pages pointed by the “First” and “Last” links. I can’t remove chapter subcategories either, because I need them for the archive, so I’m not sure about how to tackle this. I might have to mess with the manga+press plugin code 😐 I have no time for this at the moment though, so it’s going to stay like this for a while, sorry ;3;

By the way, I saw that some people are still tracking the old RSS feed that doesn’t exist anymore *sob* I guess I didn’t give enough time before the switch, but unfortunately Altervista did warn me about the switch to PHP5 just a day before.