So, with September being over, the reposting of prologue pages is over as well.

Chapter one will start next Saturday, however I only have 8 pages plus the cover so far… 5 pages were already on the old site, too… so in all this time I only managed to draw 3 pages (not very quality, too, shading-wise, but I can’t go even slower than this *sob*). Sadly I’m in the middle of my thesis project and I’ve not been feeling well lately (basically lack of vitamins and low immune system due to stress… I really need a vacation, and I haven’t had any since 2 years at least ;3; )… there’s not much I can do about it, it just doesn’t help my willpower.

Anyway, there’s enough to update weekly ’till December 1st. Then, I don’t know. Since I plan to get my degree in January, a pause through December might be necessary. Or maybe not, I have no idea… Will depend on my general workload and how well I will fare physically and mentally xvx;

So, that’s it. I’ve corrected the RSS feed and a few bugs in the Archive and in the navigation links… Still have to go through the old links ;3; but, another time, maybe… ;ワ;