As you might have noticed, today’s page got on a little earlier just because I derped when adding it lol. Anyway, this was the last planned update with my buffer. Considering thesis work and all, I could draw just one more page in these months, which will go online next week if I manage to translate it into English in time.

Life is rough lately and I have too much stuff in my hands. My degree, if everything goes fine, should be around February 17th, and I’ll start my new job shortly after. While it will be a pretty time-intensive job, I hope that I might be able to organize my time a little better with it than with study… I find it troubling not having fixed daily schedules because I’m really bad at managing my time. With my new work, while my work hours won’t be really -fixed-, it will still be more stable than it is now. <.< I really hope that when everything is settled down I will be able to gain a more regular drawing pace. ;3;

Also, problem with navigation got fixed, if you haven’t noticed. 🙂