Happy Easter

Hope you spent a nice Easter 🙂

Let’s talk about how it’s going… my first month of work just passed, and I had to re-learn how to drive a car after 10 years I didn’t drive one. Learning how to drive again was a very tiring thing, it ate up 2 weekends this month, and on the third one I was so tired for not resting properly for 2 work weeks that I basically slept all day long for 2 days. Then, last weekend I’ve drawn a little. Today I’ve also drawn a couple of lines. Maybe I’ll draw a bit more tomorrow too. I need to adjust to this new life, and especially to driving. Driving tires the crap out of me, mostly because I’m quite far from work and I’m still not very confident… I’ll get used to it anyway.

A little bit each time, I’m going on…

Works in progress…

Sorry, eventually I haven’t updated page 9 ^^; It took a bit more than I thought to finish because Christmas preparations, then actual holidays, then other stuff… When I was eventually done, I thought it was better to keep it for buffer.

Sadly I have little time and even less energy to put in art ^^; And I’ll soon have even less since I’ve been assured that once I’ll start work, I’ll be swamped with stuff to do, at least for the first months T¬T Exciting perspective.

Anyway, I still keep up drawing, just a few lines whenever I can, it’s slow but it goes on. I might post some random WIP panels once in a while, while I build up buffer… just to keep the site alive a bit ^^


And… I think I’m going to bed, like, now. = A= See ya~