The Dragon Messiah is a product of daydreaming and boredom during bus commutations and classes in school first and in university later. It has no big aims, it’s just a mean to let all those characters and stories out of my head. If I will manage to entertain someone in the process, I will be the most happy, otherwise bear with me. I’m just another daydreamer that bores the web with amateur comics.

The comic rating is PG-13 due to occasional swearing and suggestive content, including homosexuality and abusive relationships. Nothing graphic, but if the themes hurt you, you can leave :>

The author is not a native English speaker, so you may find the following oddities:

  • Grammar issues
  • Weird phrasing
  • Random mix of American and British spelling
  • Useless verbosity
  • Possibly more linguistic atrocities

I welcome corrections. I have received some in the past for the old pages, but I got them when I was… I don’t remember, but probably on chapter 4 already. I was already planning to redo stuff, and never had the time to go back and fix things. The comic reboot is a good chance so, please, if you want to give me corrections, I would appreciate it.

The history of the story

The characters of this comic first appeared on an ugly notebook with lined paper in a boring afternoon of my 16th year. Since then, they changed a lot, but they never left me, and eventually convinced me to draw their story. The first version of the story was terrible, and it improved a lot since then… it’s still not great, but it’s their story, and a bit of mine, too.

Before being what it is today, I dropped and resumed the idea a lot of times, I even tried to turn it into an RPG, once. Eventually, I settled on the idea of making a comic, and wrote a long plan in 2004, and I drew a few pages… which unfortunately remained unfinished ’till a year later. The first chapter went live on 31/5/2005. I continued for several years, and while I was drawing it, I improved immensely. I don’t think I’d have improved this much without this project.

Then, while improving I also realized there were troubles in the early plot, and that changing stuff would introduce little incongruities with the early chapters… plus, the early chapters were ugly as hell, art-wise. So I tried to remake stuff while still keeping up the updates on the new pages, but failed. Then, due to university and life, I ended up not having time to draw much, and I stepped into some artistic crisis in which I didn’t want to draw anything at all most of the time. The old website disturbed me immensely, too. It was clunky, so Web 1.5 (:P), that updating was so problematic it made me lose my will to keep it going.

I resumed working on this after I managed to find a way to migrate to a better platform (which was troublesome due to the bilingual nature of the site)… and I took the occasion to restart anew and finally redraw those crappy early chapters properly. I hope I can make it this time.

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